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Business Analysis for Small Business by an MBA-EA

In today’s Small business world, we must be able to compete for our target market. Small business owners must utilize all available tools and tricks to obtain and retain their market share. Yes, you are right. We are not going back to do business as we used to anymore. To make wise and profitable decisions, it is imperative to have a comprehensive business analysis done by an independent and experience MBA- Small Business Analyst, Enrolled Agent and Business Professor.

Our business analyst (MBA) is trained to perform an exhaustive diagnostic study of the business. The analyst and support team have experience with similar business operations. An in-depth examination is performed including financial, operational and sales functions of the business to provide recommendations for improvement by identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

We provide an objective and comprehensive analysis of the business to give an unbiased view of its strengths and weaknesses. The business analysis takes approximately one day (7hrs). Our target market is businesses that range from $250,000 to $10 million in annual revenue.   We will answer all your questions and concerns relate to your business and marketing plan, exit strategies and business valuation. You will receive an oral and written presentation. Our job is completely confidential.

Our MBA-EA business analyst will perform the work on site and may consult with his team members, who have access to all company resources. The resources include, but are not limited to, business and financial data, comparative business performance benchmarks and expertise. We develop recommendations to address any small business needs to succeed. We concentrate our efforts in your;

Financial statements comparison, recommendations, and ratios

Business operations weakness and recommendations

Personnel performance, effectiveness and deficientness

Online Marketing-Online presence

Our MBA small business analysis is only $495 for one day (7hrs). The results will eclipse the investment. Our business analysis tends to increase your revenues and return on investment by lowering your cost, increase sales, improve effectiveness and efficiency, while opening your eyes for new business ideas and possibilities. For your convenience Jose Cintron, MBA-EA is fully bilingual.

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